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N. 58: G. Platia

G. it. Ent., 13 (58): 175-248
April 2013

Descriptions of new species of Melanotini
(Coleoptera, Elateridae, Melanotinae)
from Asia,
with new distribution records for other known species



Abstract - 47 new species of Melanotini from Asia, belonging to the genera Melanotus (s. str.) Eschscholtz, 1829 (29), Melanotus (Spheniscosomus Schwarz, 1892) (6), Metriaulacus Schwarz, 1902 (2), Priopus Castelnau, 1840 (10) are described. New distribution records, and descriptions and illustrations of up to now unknown sexes are provided for other 42 known species of the same genera.

N. 58: G. Curletti

G. it. Ent., 13 (58): 249-250
April 2013

Correzione di un'omonimia nel genere Agrilus Curtis, 1825
(Coleoptera, Buprestidae)



Abstract - Correction of an homonymy in the genus Agrilus Curtis, 1825 (Coleoptera, Buprestidae) - A new name - Agrilus (Robertius) homonymus nom. nov. - is established for Agrilus (Robertius) solitarius Curletti, 2012, junior primary homonym of Agrilus solitarius Harold, 1869.

N. 58: L. Diotti & R. Caldara

G. it. Ent., 13 (58): 251-258
April 2013

Descrizione di Archarius ziliolii,
nuova specie di Italia e Svizzera affine ad A. crux (Fabricius)
(Coleoptera, Curculionidae)



Abstract - Description of Archarius ziliolii, new species from Italy and Switzerland related to A. crux (Fabricius) (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) - Archarius ziliolii n. sp. is described from northern and central Italy and southern Switzerland. This species is closely related to A. crux (Fabricius, 1777) (formerly Curculio), from which it differs by the sparser white scales of the dorsal vestiture, which form a thinner and shorter vitta at the sides of the pronotum and a thinner and shorter transverse band at the middle of elytra; moreover, in the male of A. ziliolii the uncus of fore tibiae is stouter and angularly curved, whereas the aedeagus is parallel-sided instead of being enlarged from the base to the apical third and further abruptly constricted. In addition, the lectotypes of Curculio crux Fabricius, 1777 and Balaninus rhaeticus Fuchs, 1862 are designated, and the synonymies of the latter taxon and Balaninus crucifer Fuchs, 1862 with A. crux (Fabricius) are confirmed.

N. 58: P. Magrini & F. Cirocchi

G. it. Ent., 13 (58): 259-270
April 2013

Un nuovo Duvalius Delarouzée, 1859 dell’Umbria centrale
(Coleoptera, Carabidae)



Abstract - A new Duvalius Delarouzée, 1859 from central Umbria (Coleoptera, Carabidae) - A new anophthalmic, unpigmented species - Duvalius gallii - has been found in an abandoned iron quarry in Umbria (C Italy). This horizontal quarry (Grotta della Miniera, N° 106 U/Pg, Monte Penna, Cava del Ferro, Gualdo Tadino, Perugia) is crossed by many pits which are very likely inhabited by the species. Duvalius gallii has a membranous copulatory piece in direct contact with the internal sac, typical of species belonging to the bensae group (sensu MAGRINI, 1997, 1998), without a median unequal process and apically more sclerified. The copulatory piece has a faintly separated bifid apex with two small projections which appear rounded when viewed ventrally and pointed when viewed laterally. The aedeagus is long and sinuate with an apical button facing upward. The shape of both the aedeagus and its copulatory piece place this new taxon on a species level, as detailed in the images accompanying the text.

N. 58: P. Magrini & A. Degiovanni

G. it. Ent., 13 (58): 271-282
April 2013

Note sul genere Abax Bonelli, 1810,
con descrizione di una nuova specie delle Dolomiti 
(Coleoptera, Carabidae)



Abstract - Notes on the genus Abax Bonelli, 1810, with description of a new species from the Dolomites (Coleoptera, Carabidae) - In this note the Authors describe Abax benellii, new species from the Dolomites of Trento (NE Italy). It is an Abax species characterized by the aedeagus of singular form, with the apex short and Y-shaped in dorsal and ventral views and devoid of apical teeth. The species, medium-sized, is also characteristic for the elytra, antennae and tarsi particularly short, and for the pronotum narrow at the base, character present only in a few species of the genus. A brief key to all the species of Abax occurring in Italy is also given.

N. 58: L. Fancello & P. Magrini

G. it. Ent., 13 (58): 283-288
April 2013

Descrizione di Langelandia (Normandella) montalbica,
nuova specie di Sardegna
(Coleoptera, Zopheridae)



Abstract - Description of Langelandia (Normandella) montalbica, new species from Sardinia (Coleoptera, Zopheridae) - The Authors describe Langelandia (Normandella) montalbica n. sp. from Sardinia (type locality: Monte [Mount] Albo, Nuoro province), Italy. The new species is easily distinguished from the others belonging to the same subgenus for the concomitant presence of some peculiar characters in external morphology: 4 fovea-shaped lateral depressions on the pronotum and two evident carinae on its disc, a salient carina between the 2nd and 3rd elytral stria.